Beefeater Dry & Copa Glasses

Enjoy the perfect gin and tonic with this set of classic copa glasses

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Beefeater Dry 70cl 40% ABV, 2 classic copa glasses


There’s no better way to enjoy a gin and tonic. With Beefeaters signature logo motif, this oversize, copa glass evokes the golden age of gin cocktails. Enjoy responsibly.

Beefeater's roots can be traced back to the 1820s, when John Taylor and his wife opened a small distillery in London's Chelsea district. In 1863, it was taken over by James Burrough, who took a closer interest in the distillation process. James embraced his passion for experimenting and developing new flavours, starting to produce his own style of gin. He discovered that distilling a specific recipe based on natural ingredients gave a very fragrant gin with a bold taste. He then started to follow a unique process, leading to the creation of Beefeater London Dry Gin. The name reflects Burrough's desire to give the gin a personality and strong ties associated with London: it comes from the Yeomen Warders, also known as "Beefeaters", who have guarded the Tower of London since 1485. Today, each bottle still portrays a Yeoman Warder. KNOW-HOW In James Burrough's original recipe from the 1860s, nine "botanicals" or natural ingredients are essential in revealing Beefeater Gins character. The natural ingredients, including Seville orange and lemon peel, whole juniper berries, angelica seeds, coriander and almonds, are steeped for 24 hours before being distilled. This procedure makes it possible to create a perfectly balanced and full-flavoured gin. This steeping and distillation method remains virtually unchanged today, following the secret recipe invented by James Burrough. Beefeater is the only international Premium Gin to still be distilled at the heart of the British capital, at the Kennington distillery, on the southern bank of the Thames.