The Golden Tips You Must Consider When Renting your Office Space in New York

Finding an office space in New York is one of the most time consuming and difficult decisions that you will have to make as a business owner. Making sure that you choose the right space is very important but before you do that you need to figure out if you are going to buy a space or rent one. If you go for the renting option, then there are some things that you should take into consideration when looking at a space and if you want some help then keep on reading this article for some great tips when renting your office in New York.

Make sure that the location is as convenient as possible

There is no point in getting a great and large office space if its location is inconvenient. When we say inconvenient, we mean that the location is probably difficult to get to, doesn’t have constant access to public transport, doesn’t have any coffee shops or restaurant options nearby and so on. This may look like something that wouldn’t be important, but when you are dealing with clients and you have employees you need to make sure that the office space is in an area that makes it convenient for them to come to the office daily. If you are on a budget, choose the best place that you can in the best location that you can afford.

Consider parking

One of the tips when renting your office that you don’t necessarily see or hear about is the fact that you really should consider the parking situation when choosing an office space, especially in a city like New York where finding a parking spot can be impossible. A lot of your employees may choose to come to work by car every day and you may experience clients doing the same thing when coming to meetings. Try to look for a place where parking is easily available, especially for the clients. Finding good parking space in a good location can be tricky, so another thing that you can do is find a space that has to park nearby that your employees can use and this way any spots that you can buy will be reserved for the clients that come to your office.

Try to secure the lease and the rental place when renting for the first time

Getting a lease can be tricky because you never know what the owner of the space will want to do with it next. To avoid finding yourself in a situation where the lease is ending and the owner has already rented the space to someone else, try to negotiate when you are signing the initial lease so that you always get the option to renew first. The same goes for the rental rates. Make sure that you put in some kind of clause, if you can, that states that if there is a rise of the price that it doesn’t exceed more than 5 percent of the current price.

Renting a space can be very tedious and time-consuming, but considering that it is really important to find just the right space, the effort is definitely worth it in the end. Make sure to follow these tips when renting your office in New York and hopefully they will be a great guide for you.

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